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Faculty vision

Faculty of Education aspires to be one of the prominent faculties in education, culture, educational research, knowledge, enhancement and promotion. It also hopes to be acknowledged by its education, educational research, creative activity, and community services. It also seeks to achieve the high quality, innovation, and encouragement of continuous learning through regional and Arab perspectives.

Faculty Mission

1– The faculty is committed to present of the best opportunities of education and research services, this on a high level of creation, innovation and quality. 2- It also is committed to find an educational climate which encourages the student to create, innovate and do their best. 3- This climate helps also in graduating teachers of a good experience and qualified for performing their educational jobs effectively and also helps them to adapt with the contemporary societal and universal changes. 4- The faculty as well as is committed to participate in improving the quality of the teachers and the workers, so as to participate in solving the societal problems 5-Finally it is committed to provide an educational research climate which participates in solving the educational problems, so as to participate in developing and evaluating the education in the Egyptian Society.

Dean's Word

The Faculty of Education at Sohag University is one of the colleges that works to prepare the teacher at all education stages, from a kindergarten teacher to the teacher who specializes in secondary education. The college is also concerned with quality standards in teacher preparation.

 1- The college aspires to become one of the leading and distinguished colleges in education, culture, educational research, enrich and advance knowledge.

2- It Looking forward to be recognized for its work in education, educational research, creative activity and community services. 

3-Achieving international quality, innovation, and encouraging continuing education from a regional and Arab perspective.

In light of this vision, the college is committed to provid the best education and research opportunities for the student teacher, with a high level of quality and providing an educational climate that works on graduating an experienced, qualified teacher to adapt with his work requirements in all the times.

The college works on  communicate and fruitful, continuous cooperation with other bodies concerned with serving the community and achieving sustainable development in society. The college also works to contribute in solving educational problems through the educational and psychological research carried out by faculty members and researchers.

A number of the college’s laboratories in educational technology, languages, micro-teaching, computer, psychology and tests have been equipped with the latest scientific devices that contribute in the quality of education at the college, and most of the study halls have been provided with (Data Shows) so that the scientific material can be displayed to students in a way that is compatible with  Knowledge revolution and information explosion. 

With my best wishes

Prof/Hussien Taha Ata

The Dean of the College


Address : Egypt – Sohag Governorate  Sohag  University-faculty of Education

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