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Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Conditions for admission to postgraduate studies at the College of Education

First: Conditions for enrollment and registration in postgraduate diplomas in education:

1- General Diploma in Education

This diploma aims to prepare students who have a bachelor’s degree from an Egyptian university. The study focuses on the educational and professional aspect of psychological and pedagogical foundations and methods of teaching the various academic subjects and includes two study systems: the full-time system and the study is for a university year, the second: the part-time system, and the study is for two academic years. Those who work in the teaching profession, social workers, psychologists, or librarians who study courses in two parts, which is presented in a university year, may be registered for the General Diploma in Education.

One day of each week is allocated for student training and professional activity in the field of education in schools. Student training may include a continuous training period determined by the College Council, which is not less than two weeks.

The supervision for students during training.

The student training course is four hours per week.

The College Council may replace student training with field training.

Student training degrees are distributed at 80% for the internal supervisor and 20% for the external supervisor.

The College Council decides to deprive the student from the exams if the student’s attendance at lectures is less than 75% of the actual total.

The diploma exam in education is held at the end of the academic year, and the duration of the written exam in each course is 3 hours.

Part-time students take the exam at the end of each year in the courses.

A part-time student is transferred from the first year to the second year if he passed all the courses of the first year.

Students of the General Diploma in Education are subject to the pass and failure ratings applied to Bachelor students.

If the student fails in the training course, he is not allowed to submit for the exam, and the college council may re-enroll him in the following year as a new student, and he is not allowed to re-enroll more than once.

If the student succeeds in the student training course and fails in the exams of some other courses, he is allowed to submit for the exam in the second round.

If the student repeatedly fails, he is allowed to submit for the examination from abroad in the following year.

The examination for the second round is held in September of each year.

If the student has exhausted the times of applying for the scheduled exam, the College Council may re-enroll him as a new student.

2- Professional Diploma in Education:

The student must have a general diploma in education or a bachelor’s degree in arts and in science from a university in the Arab Republic of Egypt or an equivalent degree from another scientific institute.

The duration of study to obtain a professional diploma is one university year, and the actual study period must not be less than thirty weeks per year.

A professional diploma in education is awarded in one of the following specializations:

School Administration Special Education Psychological Counseling Adult Education Educational planning and Education economics Nursery and Kindergarten


Gifted Education Curriculum planning and Development School Psychology Psychological and Educational measurement Educational technology

The University Council, determines any modifications in the courses of any of these disciplines, the number of theoretical, practical and field study hours.

The faculty council may deprive the student from applying for the exam in all or some of the department’s courses if the attendance in lectures are less than 75% of their actual total.

The professional diploma exam is held at the end of the academic year for three hours for each course. The exam consists of written, practical and oral tests in the courses. If the student fails in the field training, he is not allowed to submit for the final exam.

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