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الرئيسية » The strategic goals

The strategic goals

Firstly: The strategic goals of the students

Mastering the teaching skills

Acquiring the self education skills

Train the student and the teacher on using the modern technology

Developing the moral and the religious values

Developing the social skills to communicate with the local society

Developing the scientific thinking skills

Secondly: the strategic goals of the staff members

Developing the skills of the staff members

Train the staff members on applying the modern vocational theories in the educational process

Make the staff members acquire the communication skills

Achieving the job satisfaction

Thirdly: The strategic goals of the scientific research

Encourage the staff members to conduct mutual scientific researches

Support the distinction in the scientific research and encourage the innovation

Find a research map which meets the actual needs of the current technological and scientific changes

Fourthly The strategic goals of society service

Activate the cooperation efforts with the directorate of education and direct these efforts to develop the education processes and the professional development of the employees

Face the vocational problems which the Sohagian society faces

Present the studies and the consultations which participate in developing the education

Conduct the researches to develop and improve the ways of teaching the different academic subjects in the different stages of education and spread the awareness between the citizens through holding the conferences and the seminars

Activate the cooperation efforts with the faculties of the other universities